Here you will find a PDF to help you track your food for the ONE WEEK PRIOR to the challenge.

Ignore the macronutrients section unless you feel you would like to track that. (Proteins, fats and carbs)

Please include your moods and how you feel physically before and after, your exercise and everything you drink on top of what you are eating.

You and Food - Tracking

MyFitnessPal -

    Use this to track everything you consume during the day. Screenshot your 'Nutrition' by clicking on   '... More'   at the bottom of the screen, and then 'Nutrition'. This will take you to a pie chart which is an overview of your day. Feel free to upload this into the group to be held accountable. No secrets here!  🙂

MyFitnessPal iPhone

MyFitnessPal Desktop

Ketogains Calculator

Ketogains Calculator -

    1. use this to find out what your daily macros should be. It will tell you to keep carbs below 25g as it is KETO specific. As we are LOW CARB (not necessarily KETO) you can choose to follow or ignore this and continue with your 50g limit.


  • Download MyFitnessPal
  • Go to ketogains and complete
  • Comment 'done' below and in the Facebook group

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