Please read through this PDF to become familiar with the types of exercise we will be doing. Please let me know if you have any questions. Links to videos are in the PDF.

Download File Here:


  • Download and read the PDF
  • Comment below and in the FB group

14 responses to “THE WORKOUT”

  1. Are we meant to be able to click links in this PDF? I can read the information but can’t click any links or see anything else?

    • No links to click on in this one! If there are links and you cna’t click on them, simply compy and paste them into your browser 🙂

  2. Hey Mim,
    I already eat super low carb and workout an hour+ 6 days a week. (at 30 min Steady State, 15 min HIIT and 15 min heavy lift plus 30-40 min walking) and an hour of cardio (steady state) on day 7. Can I continue with this?

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