Did you know that when we run, do too much stressful exercise or get ourselves stressed out at all, we trigger our fight or flight stress response, which is not ideal for our adrenal glands…. it releases extra cortisol (the stress hormone) that causes us to crave foods, lose precious energy, and gain weight.

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13 responses to “EXERCISE BASICS”

  1. Monday 45-30 min Walking
    Tuesday PT training 25mins
    Wed Walking 30-45min
    Thursday PT Training 25mins
    Friday Zumba Gold 45mins
    once a month or when I can Saturday parkrun 5km

  2. Monday 1 hour ABT
    1 hour boxfit
    15 mins Zumba
    Tuesday 1 hour pilates
    Wednesday 1 hour kettlebells
    Thursday. 1 hour Zumba
    Friday. 1 hour Powerbar
    Saturday. 1 hour Stretches
    Sunday. 1 hour Pilates

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