Our cardio training requires an exercise bike, a stepper or an elliptical trainer.

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    • Hi Carly, you could do skipping – but it won’t have quite the same effect. The reason we suggest an elliptical, rower or bike is purely because you need to make the exercise harder while increasing resistance – not going faster or higher, which you can’t do using a skipping rope. Skipping faster and/or higher adds much more impact onto the ankles, the knees and the feet, which can cause more damage than the good it is doing you. The other machines allow an increase in resistance without the impact. But it is up to you. As mentioned in the PDF – if you can’t get the cardio part right, focus on the resistance training – smash that – and make sure you go ahead with the walking, yoga, pilates and other ‘recovery day’ exercises. Remember that this way of exercising is what we recommend as an ongoing thing, so if there is the opportunity to get hold of one of those machines (even a cheap exercise bike), I would recommend that. 🙂

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